How To Approach Your First Barre Class

Barre is a fun workout you may have thought about trying. In fact, many men and women turn to barre classes when they are looking for a sense of community and health.

Fitness classes can provide you with a great outlet for socialization and exercise. If you are interested in trying barre, this is what you need to know.

What Does Barre Class Include?

Barre classes offer a total body workout for everybody, beginners to professionals. A barre class offers strength training and cardio to give you a toned appearance.

The aim of these workouts is to tighten and strengthen your core, help your body align, and develop strong, lean muscles all over the body. It works many parts of the body, from the glutes and calves to the arms and abs.

What Are Barre Classes Like?

Barre classes begin with a warmup. This will be great for the whole body, from your ankles to your core. Often, barre classes incorporate squats and planks as part of the warmup.

Often, the class moves on to a weighted portion for the arms. The weights you use will be very light, perhaps one or two pounds. You may work your legs at the same time, doing squats and calf raises with some of the arm movements, which may include bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep kickbacks.

The class will bring you to the barre. There, you may lift one leg and work on small, isometric motions that help you focus on one muscle area at a time.

At some point, you may get down on the mat. There, you may work more on legs, perhaps the thighs and glutes. You may also do some pushups and planks for the arms before hitting the core.

A cool down is the last portion of the class. You will stretch and come back to the moment with your breath before you are free to go.

Do You Need to Know How to Do Ballet?

Absolutely not! Many people have their first exposure to barre without ever even attending a ballet class. Ballet knowledge and experience is not necessary.

Why Should You Consider Barre?

Barre offers a low-impact class that still offers some cardio. It uses very small movements. If you love pilates, you may fall in love with barre. You can find exercise classes available in many of the gyms and fitness centers that offer these courses.

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Barre is a fun workout you may have thought about trying. In fact, many men and women turn to barre classes when they are looking for a sense of commu

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