5 Healthy Habits You Can Use To Increase Your Weight Loss Success

Your weight loss program and coach can teach you a lot of great habits, but it's important to work on changing things while you're on your own. Part of weight loss is making an entire lifestyle change, and some of that means taking on positive habits. Here are five positive habits you can adopt to make a permanent change to how you approach and use food.

1. Reward or Comfort Yourself With Something Other Than Food

Instead of reaching for something that's not healthy or full of calories whenever you feel like you need a reward, do something else instead. Treat yourself with an activity you like, or buy something that rewards your weight loss, such as a new piece of clothing. Take some "me time" to do something relaxing.

2. Don't Eat out of Habit or Expectations

Make sure you're really hungry before buying or eating something. It's easy to eat while you are out simply because it's the thing to do or everyone else usually does it. It's okay not to eat or drink at a social event or at a movie or sports venue. If you must eat, try to pick out something healthy.

3. Plan Your Meals When Dining Out

In this day of the internet, you can often look up a restaurant's menu and make a plan on what you want to order ahead of time. Even if you don't know up front, make a plan to choose dishes with more vegetables and less fatty items. If the portions are large, plan on only eating part of your meal or taking some home.

4. Pay Attention Only to Eating

It's really easy to eat while watching television, listening to music, or even working, but when you concentrate only on eating, you may find that you eat less. When you're distracted, you mind may be slow to realize that your body is satiated.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

If you know that you're going to be away from food or not able to have a meal for an extended period, then keep a piece of fruit or other healthy snack on hand. Doing so keeps your blood sugar from getting too low and reduces the chance that you will binge-eat later on.

Practicing healthy habits, along with instruction from your weight loss coach and guidance from your weight loss program, can help you lose and keep the weight off for the long term. If you aren't part of a weight loss program and you're struggling and don't know where to start when losing weight, then get started on one today. Contact a weight loss coach, like those at Aloha Life Company, to see what your options are and get a customized plan.

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