Seniors With Arthritis: Keep In Shape With These Simple Tips

If you're a senior who suffers from arthritis in your back, hips, or knees, you might not exercise as much as you need or want to each day. Because arthritis makes your joints feel stiff and painful, weight training and other traditional exercises can be difficult on you. Follow the tips below to keep in shape without stressing or aggravating your condition.

Practice Yoga

One of the best exercises for people with joint inflammation is yoga. Yoga helps you strengthen your muscles without the use of heavy weights or spending long hours on a treadmill. The unique exercise also keeps your joints flexible, which can reduce or alleviate the pain and inflammation in them.

Over time, arthritis weakens or deteriorates the cartilage between your joints. Your joints become stiff and hard to move. However, yoga disciplines such as lyengar yoga allow you to exercise without placing direct stress on your joints. These types of yoga require you to use a chair or another support device during sessions.

Yoga also relaxes your mind so that you can rest easy during the night. Arthritis pain can keep you up at night, which not only hinders your quality of sleep, it can make your joint pain worse in the morning. Instead of facing your day refreshed, you feel tired, anxious, and stressed.

If you decide to try yoga as a natural pain relief for your joint pain, be sure to relax your body after each session with a warm bath.

Take a Warm Bath

Warm showers and baths can help ease any tension your joints feel in the evening. Some individuals use magnesium-based solutions such as Epsom salt to help improve their joint pain. Magnesium is a natural mineral that relaxes the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles and tendons in your joints.

If you choose to place Epsom salt or another magnesium-based product in your baths, only use the amount recommended on the product's packaging.  You can also consult with your doctor about using Epsom salt as a natural treatment. Your doctor can discuss whether or not magnesium is the right choice for you, or your doctor may offer other treatments you can use instead.

Living with joint pain isn't easy for many seniors. But with the right exercise plan and home care tips, you can find relief for your arthritis. For more information about yoga and its health benefits, contact an exercise specialist today.  

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