3 Tips For Choosing A Remote Personal Trainer

An increasing number of personal trainers offer their services remotely since it allows them to have more clients and their clients can be located anywhere. When you are selecting a remote personal trainer, there are several features you should consider.

Various Contact Methods

Since remote personal training is versatile, the trainer you choose should utilize various methods of contact, not just email. Although email will be useful for basic correspondence with your trainer, your trainer should encourage interaction through video chat, video, or photographs. This might be part of their initial consultation since it will be difficult to understand your current state purely from your description alone. Every so often, your trainer should want you to take updated photos or videos to see how your diet and exercise program is working. You should be concerned if all of your correspondence with your trainer is just sending an email or talking on the phone.

Specialty Services

The trainer you choose should offer services that align with your personal goals. Although most trainers will offer assistance with building muscle or losing weight, there are situations where you will need more specific training. For example, many people have an interest in contest prep for physique competitions. This can require a very structured program with a two- to three-month window before the event. It is best to choose a personal trainer who has experience in these events and has trained several other people to be prepared for the contest. Additionally, you may want a personal trainer who is willing to go the extra mile in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Frequent video chats, even in the hours before competition, can be used for them to have a look at your posing and physique and make final adjustments so you look your best on contest day.


Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a personal trainer is truly personalizing their approach to each client until you have worked with them. As part of your initial search, you may want to utilize recommendations from people online in different fitness communities and directly contact these people to ask about their experiences. Since everyone is different, you need to have personalized coaching, not just a simple template for exercises and diet that is emailed to every client.

Although your trainer might start out with broad recommendations based on your current fitness level and weight, they should fine-tune their approach over time. If you are doing everything they recommend and are not achieving reasonable goals, your trainer should make adjustments in your workout program or diet. A trainer might recommend boosting your calories or having a cheat meal once in a while to see if breaks your plateau. Additionally, they should be able to suggest modifications in the case of injury or health challenges, not just push the same program.

Remote personal training is an ideal opportunity for people who want to change their bodies but may not have the time for in-person training. Understanding your needs will help you select the right trainer for the job.

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